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China Glaze Joy (Romantique) + NYX Girls CN227

>> Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sun is shining, the weather is sweet...
Unbelievable, we're having sunshine here in Finland!

What a gorgeous day to wear China Glaze's Joy from the stunning Romantique collection.

I'm lovin it like they say in McDonalds! This is just fabulous, especially in daylight when you can easily see the metallic shimmer. The metallic purple color is to die for and it applies well with no visible brush strokes.

After awhile I wanted to get decorative and try out my NYX Girls polish (CN227) with hearts:

Not sure if I like those hearts or not. At least there should be more hearts in the clear polish itself. It took me two layers to set all these hearts and I just don't even know how to place them without making it look messy. Ideas, advices...? Because now they just look badly placed nailstickers...

Finally I did the final adjustment and added a layer of Nyx Girls CN229. Not sure if it made my manicure better or worse. Maybe a little better?

But like I said yesterday, at the moment I'm more into simple, plain manicures. Much more.
(And no sun in these last twho pictures. It was already 3:30 PM and the sun was already setting and there were clouds aready in the sky. I know, our dark winter is so great!)


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