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China Glaze Red Stallion and Sexy

>> Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I'm sorry I haven't been able to write that often lately. I've been pretty busy with all the other things and didn't have that much time to play with my nails and polishes. I'll try to find more time and write more often, I promise!

Today I'm wearing China Glaze's Red Stallion (one coat) and Sexy on top of that (one coat also). Red stallion covers well, but Sexy is more see-through so they are a great couple together. Red Stallion is a warm, deep red polish and one coat of Sexy on top of it makes it look more orange-toned red. Sexy also leaves lovely, shimmery surface.
Cute Valentine's day nails!

China Glaze's polishes are definitely my favourite polishes. I do like OPI also but these I like even more. They almost never fail me, I've had only one China Glaze's polish which I didn't like enough to keep it and sold it forwards (Sex on the Beach). Is anyone else in love with China Glaze's polishes? Usually everybody prefers OPI more.

And as you can see my nails are quite short at the moment. For some reason they just keep tearing, splitting and breaking. Last friday I started to eat biotin (5 mg/day) and now I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that my nails would grow fast and be stronger. It just feels that it will take forever to find out if the biotin really works for me. I believe it will take about three months before the whole nail has grown out and before it's stronger. Shame that I'm one of those persons who wants everything to happen right now...


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