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China Glaze Harmony (Romantique)

>> Monday, January 19, 2009

I haven't tried all my Romantique Collection -polishes yet so today was Harmony's turn:

This is so adorable! Bright lilac which is deep enough but not too dark. This is more of a summer-lilac than winter-lilac, I think.
Imagine this with light pink polish (like my favorite combo Pricesses rule! and Lumene's Smiling Nights). I just have to try to polish my nails with light pale pink and then the tips with Harmony so the lacquering would gradually darken towards the tips of the nails. Sounds really nice! Only problem is how to execute it...ideas, links? I have some ideas about it but maybe you have better ones.
Here are more pictures of Harmony:

The first one is taken indoors and the second one outdoors. The last one is taken indoors and it has Konad patterns with China Glaze's OMG on pinkie and China Glaze's Devotion on other fingers. Romantique polishes really do work well with Konad!


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