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Princess nails

>> Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sorry guys I haven't wrote anything this weekend, I've been busy acting princess. No, just kidding, I just loved my french manicure so much that I just couldn't take it off (plus I had my birthday party).

I've fell in love with OPI's Pricesses rule, so here's a picture of it again:

I prefer my right hand (lower picture) because those flowers look way better when they are placed in the middle of the nails.

Again I used Lumene's Smiling Nights (two coats) at first and then Pricesses Rule, but this time I added a layer of Anytime's Sparkling Fizz on top of that. Then I added Poshe and after my nails had dried I made Konad decorations and added rhinestones on ring finger (in both hands).

And look how little there's polish left on Lumene's bottle! OK, that's still enough for at least three or four manicures but this gives me hope that one day I might be allowed to buy new polishes.

These extra sparkles from Sparkling Fizz make this lacquering even cuter. Shame, that they don't show clearly enough on my photo.

I think I've made clearly to you that I love all girly things so you probably know already that I'm really, really pleased with this lacquering.

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