A Sin Worth Committing

IsaDora Diamond Blue

>> Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Don't you just love the cool, shimmery and light blue tone?
Isn't it pretty? Just look at the beautiful, a bit silvery trace!
Ain't it a keeper?

No, it's one of the worst polishes ever! IsaDora, I hate you and your new extra width brushes. Just look at this brush:

-It's too width. You just can not polish precisely with it.
- It's too short. The short brush just makes it really hard to work with. When you are adding a layer, suddenly a massive
flow of polish comes down from the part where the bristles are attached to the short and width brush and it makes a real mess.

Other negative things:
-The bottle so small, only 6 ml of nail polish inside.
-It really costs a lot, almost 8 euros. For that price you almost get three OPI polishes from 8ty8beauty.com.

Something positive? I do love the color plus it doesn't take too long to dry.
But that's about it.


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